i've installed cvs (1.12.13-Mir Debian-8 (client/server)) on ubuntu 12.04 and everythink is working fine except that the wrong date is being shown in the cvsweb.

The server itself is properlly configured with ntp.

Even if the user remove this line on his .cloginrc file, he won't have a priviliged access because it's not specified in his tacacs account.

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Do not create directories or CVS repository manualy.

You can read man -M /home/rancid/man rancid-cvs for more informations.

The same as above but for the privilege mode password, we look in the tacacs server and the local authentication is used only if the tacacs server is unreachable.

For more informations about Cisco AAA (very good docs) : End of Explainations ---------- Now we launch the tacacs server : First of all, you have to get the latest rancid sources from We install rancid dependances and create the rancid user. Rancid require installation of expect and cvs before being installed.

The directories created will be : Note : If /home/rancid/var/ranvid/CVS/group_name is not created : check the permissions, rancid has to be owner of his entire directory.

- delete /home/rancid/var/rancid/group_name - relaunch rancid-cvs (as rancid user) rancid-run will connect automatically to switch1 and router1, will retrieve the configuration and will store it in /home/rancid/var/rancid/mouarf/configs/.

aaa new-model aaa authentication login telnet group tacacs local aaa authentication login console group tacacs local aaa authentication enable default group tacacs enable aaa authorization exec default if-authenticated none aaa accounting update newinfo aaa accounting exec default start-stop group tacacs ! tacacs-server host 192.1 tacacs-server key cle_tacacs list-name is a char string used to give a name to the authentication list.

The argument method allow to list the authentication methods that have to be used ('group tacacs ' and 'local' here).

You can add the alias rancid-rancid_group in the local mail server to receive the cvs diff by mail every time there is a configuration change.