They met while they were in college and their positive relationship maintained through graduation, medical school for him, a full-time job at a Fortune 20 company for her and being “long-distance.” He is now a doctor and is a gentle and kind young man, who looks after his mother, father and grandparents.He is attentive and loving to my daughter and clearly makes her happy.

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Maine further examined the longing that all children have for connection with fathers, and how an unmet father hunger influences disordered eating and other mental illnesses. Herzog's Father Hunger: Explorations with Adults and Children addresses the unconscious longing experienced by many males and females for an involved father.

Also, the importance of fatherly provisions for both sons and daughters during their respective developmental stages is examined in the writings of Michael J.

For example, Czeslaw Milosz wrote of Einstein, "everything about him appealed to my father complex, my yearning for a protector and leader".

I Joined DADD – Dads Against Daughters Dating When I became the sole and single parent of my 5 children, my 3 little girls were ages 18 months, 4 and 8 years old.

The father complex also stood at the conceptual core of Totem and Taboo (1912-3).

Even after the break with Jung, when "complex" became a term to be handled with care among Freudians, the father complex remained important in Freud's theorizing in the twenties; After the Freud/Jung split, Jung had equally continued to use the father complex to illuminate father/son relations, such as in the case of the father-dependent patient who Jung termed "a fils a papa" (regarding him, Jung wrote "[h]is father is still too much the guarantor of his existence"), However, Jung and his followers were equally prepared to use the concept to explain female psychology, such as when a negatively charged father complex made a woman feel that all men were likely to be uncooperative, judgemental, and harsh in the same image.

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Diamond (see My Father Before Me, WW Norton, 2007).