The goal of these dating apps is to help users meet a fellow app user and eventually find one's match.It's similar to meeting someone in a blind date only this time, everything is done with the help of the app.Furthermore, there is an indication that ‘romance scammers’ have now moved on to committing online bank fraud, which may lead to potential victims being unknowing participants in the crime of money laundering.

Once an almost unheard-of phenomenon, online dating is today a go-to resource for many busy, career-oriented individuals for finding their true love and future partners.

While many succeed in finding their loved ones using this relatively new medium, many become victims to what is known as ‘romance’ or ‘sweetheart’ scams.

Once trust is established, the perpetrator requests help from the victim, usually explaining that the money is necessary in order for the two to finally meet.

The toll taken by confidence scams in the past year amounts to an astounding amount of $197 million and has been noticed to increase in the second half of 2015.

Apparently, the apps provide people with criminal intentions an easier access to the user's information.

Although Tinder claims that users can connect the app to their Facebook, there is no foolproof way to determine whether a user has set up a fake FB profile and then connected it to the dating app.Many crime organizations are working hard on catching perpetrators of such crimes and putting an end to these frauds, which is why victimized individuals can turn to the Bureau’s Internet Crime Complaint Center at share their stories and seek help.It is important for all the victims out there to remember that there is no shame in falling for such an elaborate scheme and that the best way to ensure it does not happen to anyone else is to spread the word of caution and communicate with law enforcement agencies so that such crimes can be prevented.Tinder has announced through Twitter that it was able to address the technical issues on its system that accidentally deleted match collections from users’ accounts. ( Crimes linked to dating apps such as Tinder and Grindr had an alarming increase in number as shown by the latest report in the UK.The latest data showed that 412 crime cases were recorded in October 2015, which is significantly higher than the 204 that were reported in 2014 and the 55 that were documented in 2013.We hope these stories will shine some much-needed light on the dangers of online dating. met in person for the first time at her home in La Mesa. Once arrested, he was also accused of raping second victim R. This predator, Jeffery Redden, was using the site Plenty of Fish to meet his victims.