Mc Lachlan told Desmond and David Nicholls for their book Home and Away Annual that Grant is anything but conventional.

"He's pretty trendy for a teacher - he rebels against the establishment and the kids love him for it." Grant likes "meditation and conversion" which is adds to his likeability.

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Vicki is wrongly led to believe that Grant has been making fun of her behind her back, so she makes an allegation that Grant has sexually assaulted her in order to pay him back.

Although almost everybody in Summer Bay believes Grant is innocent, Donald is forced to suspend him.

He's into breaking down those teacher/pupil barriers and getting right in on the kids' level. All the kids love him and the establishment hate him at first.

It's a really great character." Mc Lachlan told a columnist for TV Week that in comparison to Henry, "Grant's a much cooler character, more mature.

Grant attracts the attention of Carly Morris (Sharyn Hodgson), who Ben is interested in.

Grant manages to get Carly and Ben together by staging a fake fight in which Ben loses in order to make Carly feel sorry for him.

His unorthodox teaching methods land him with the nickname "Cool Mitch".

Mc Lachlan has admitted that he enjoyed exploring other avenues of acting through Grant and made a conscious effort to remove any traits of his previous character, Henry, from Grant.

Mc Lachlan had previously appeared on rival soap opera Neighbours playing Henry Ramsay.

When his contract was due to be renewed, the Seven Network offered him a more flexible contract to appear in Home and Away, which Mc Lachlan signed.

A month after his arrival, Grant is revealed to be the new history teacher at Summer Bay.