While some reports have linked dating and hook-up apps with an increase in STDs in some communities, Mermin said there's no hard evidence to show cause and effect. "The dating apps can also be vectors of prevention by increasing the amount of prevention information that people can see and also by linking people to STD and HIV testing," he said.

Our site contains a wealth of information about the State of Michigan's activities related to the prevention, control and surveillance of three major public health concerns: the human immunodeficiency virus (commonly called HIV), sexually transmitted diseases (also known as STDs), and viral hepatitis (types A, B and C).

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) and the Henry Ford Hospital are pleased to announce the launch of the new Michigan HIV Consultation Program to address questions from health care providers about HIV-related issues.

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An earlier CDC report showed that 43 percent of pregnant women with syphilis who did see a doctor or other health professional while pregnant nonetheless got no treatment for the infection.

All pregnant women should be tested again in the third trimester of pregnancy, he said.

While some of the new numbers may be due to better reporting of cases, most of the rise appears to be a real increase in new infections, he said.

Gay and bisexual men account for many of the new cases, and the biggest numbers are among young adults, especially those in their late teens and early 20s.

The CDC recorded nearly 400,000 cases of gonorrhea and nearly 24,000 cases of syphilis.

"The STD epidemic is getting worse in the United States and, in fact, is at its highest levels yet," said Dr.

Jonathan Mermin, director of CDC's National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention.

The CDC reported a record year for STDs in 2014, also, but the trend is worsening, Mermin told NBC News.

So whether you walk-in or make an appointment, now the answers you need are close by.

Detroit Public Health STD Clinic 50 East Canfield Detroit, MI 48201 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8 a.m. Wednesday This portion of our site will be of special interest to: Michigan residents; local health department staff; doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers; and others interested in preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

More cases of sexually transmitted diseases were reported last year than ever before, federal officials said Wednesday — just as state and local health departments that could help fight them lose funding.