To test that theory, the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom did a study on the social catalyst effect of dogs. June Nicholas conducted her daily routine for ten days – five with a dog, five without – and recorded how many people stopped to talk to her every day.(It should be noted that the dogs used in the studies were guide dogs since they are trained to ignore passersby.)The result?And if you have a German Shepherd, Siberian Husky, or French Bulldog, women will be lining up around the corner for you.

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But did you know beyond dating apps and sites like Tinder, e-Harmony, and Grindr, there are also ones specifically for dog lovers? An AKC survey found that 58 percent of men said puppies are babe magnets, and women agree: 46 percent of women said they would stop and talk to anyone with a puppy.

Twindog, Date My, and Must Love help you meet the person (and pup) of your dreams. Dog parks are also fantastic places to meet people, especially people with dogs.

Are you single, but wish you were in a relationship?

Are you tired of lonely nights by yourself and long for dinners and dates out on the town with a significant someone?

The perfect manual for women who want to find, interest, and keep men attracted to them, this book tells readers how to get past the small talk, become unforgettable in just one date, and avoid the turnoffs that scare men away.

Plus, Ellis--as a man--explains to readers how a guy ticks--what he's thinking on the first date, what the male "time frame" is when pacing a relationship, and more.

Dog parks give you a chance to interact with your dog and dogs he’s playing with and can help you easily strike up a conversation with another pet parent. While all dogs can be matchmakers and help you find the perfect mate, some breeds stand out of the crowd, according to a survey by Klooff.

If you have a Chihuahua, Poodle, or Beagle, you have a great opportunity to attract men while out on a walk.

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