IMO the little things make a movie and it is a shame when people fail to notice these things.

I'm not very good with helicopters but that's pretty impressive that you guys got real Hueys.

Dating 55rock ru video

- Gunmaster45 You overwrote a net based image of the 1873 gun that I uploaded. Your replacing shots is of a revolver that's either 'in the white' or a different finish.

Normally this is standard practice, since the replacing shot is much higher quality than the replaced image. Wouldn't it be better to have both images to show the different finishes?

(PICTURE OF GUN|Caption: Colt M1911 - .45 ACP.) (Screencaps) What I mean is link all actors and guns to their appropriate pages by putting double brackets over them (that's why we have actor and gun pages, so the movie pages link to them).

With guns, some pages have multiple categories, so linking them properly is prefered.

It usually isn't a concern but when I make a 40 page, it is a pain to remove the dumb comments and such in a maze of information.

So if we block the anonymous, the serious make profiles and the trolls move on.The captions are usually used as guidlines so the viewer knows what's happening and when in the film.- Gunmaster45 I'm pretty sure it is not a left handed gun, the image is just flipped (look at the DVD cover in which he holds the gun in his right hand, it appears to be properly flipped).I mean, don't machine pistols fall into the Submachine Gun category?I know it's a bit controversial in some gases (such as the Glock 18 for example), but it just seems a bit unnessicary to me.Movie Prop Master2008 , 10 March 2009 (UTC) I noticed you put in a lot of actors pages from classic films which is good since I don't even have those movies that you've listed, but when you're screencapping the movie pages, could you get a good facial recognition screenshot of the actor for placement on the actor's page? Someone else did it when I was updating the other Mauser pictures (so the history of the page looks like I did it when I was actually updating something else). the Gewehr 98 and the Karabiner 98 should have their own pages since they are classic Mauser and way more famous than all the Mauser variants.