Judges don't usually give someone a 5 year sentence on a first offense unless it is really something big.She would have to have forged a ,000 check and got away with it, then caught at some point.• Long Term: Scholarships for the children of felons, loans and services for felon entrepreneurs to start business and hire felons and their families, make significant and quantifiable reductions in recidivism though our site using peer support, employment assistance, networking, education and promoting a welcoming environment as opposed to the exclusionary web environment felons and their families face today.

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He is currently attending school to be a veterinary technician and said he is able to get a job in that field regardless of his background, but I am not convinced. I love everything about him, but I know already my friends and family will not accept him with this background and they would tell me I need to get out of this toxic relationship.

Should I stay for the long haul and jump the hurdles with him or flee and never look back?

Everyone deserves a fair chance and a second chance.

That's the real question she should be asking HERSELF, no one else!

Our target members are people convicted of felonies, their families, clergy, lawyers, judges, probation and parole officers.

We also appeal to many who feel that social networking rules have become an extension of Big Brother and are attempting to control who they can socialize with online.They both have serious character flaws (hence the willingness to commit felonies). Some of the guys are more forgiving than I bet the women would be. Was it because she was poor and needed to pay the bills? " Was she having a problem with drugs, booze or gambling? I love it when people say this, " oh she's a really nice girl, but she's been a guest of the government for forgery" Yeah she sounds like a nice girl to me, listen i dont know the circumstances but locked up for 5 years is a bit harsh, she must of been doing some serious forgery To answer your question would I take her seriously and date her? The fact that he/she made a conscious decision to break the law is all that I need to know.There are many other reasons, but suffice it to say, I don't think it would be in my best interest (personally or professionally) to date or consider a LTR with a convicted felon. I bet if this was in AAGirl, they'd all say no-not a chance. I probably would date her but it really depends on the woman and if I can tell if there was really a change within. Whether for greed or desperation, it shows a lack of moral values and respect for loved ones & society in general.For the people that would date a felon, if the stories that the media portrays are true, I'd be sure to have him/her tested for STD's. I'd probably have a hard time being 'good friends' with one too. I don't know about you, but these are not the types of attributes that I'm looking for in a partner.HR Happyrebel on that note I added this same question to Ask a woman forum just now.. Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. She was locked-up for 5 years & has been out for almost 2 yr. Is it right to mock and make fun of a human being for what they did in the past, learnt from a mistake/s and now choose to try to fit into any kinda dating game!