Tell him how cool that he has this connection, especially since it set you up to enjoy this lovely restaurant with him. The conversation then takes one of two paths: talk about his career or further talk about the financial needs of businesses. Men want to hear about your achievements and want to know that you can keep up, even surpass them, intellectually.

They just want the softer and supportive side of you in equal measure.

These are simple shifts in communication and with a little practice, I’m confident you’ll see how much it improves your connection and relationships with all the men in your life; especially the ones you’re trying to attract.

Doesn’t matter, because there’s a good chance you’ll never hear from him again.

You see, his “bragging” was likely his attempt at impressing you. That’s one of the best things about dating grown-up men — they try…if you let them.

Let him be your hero and imagine yourself as his queen – if even for just for a few moments.

All I have to do is look at my husband and the partners of countless women who are friends and clients and know that grown-up men want smart, accomplished women as lovers and wives.

It is the parent company of S&P Global Ratings, S&P Global Market Intelligence, and S&P Global Platts, and is the majority owner of the S&P Dow Jones Indices joint venture.

The predecessor companies of S&P Global have history dating to 1888, when James H.

(prior to April 2016 Mc Graw Hill Financial, Inc., and prior to 2013 Mc Graw Hill Companies) is an American publicly traded corporation headquartered in New York City.