" I said again, trying to sound cheery instead of surprised. that's great."I had known exactly two other Christians during the course of my life.

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As he lay next to me on the couch, sleepy from too much wine, I fired off questions: Question: Do you want to get married? Question: Is the fact that I'm not a Christian going to be a problem? Because if it is going to be a problem, I need to end this now. When we met up again later that night, it was as though I had missed out on a huge part of his day in those few hours—and missed out on a huge part of him as a result. Still, there are often things TD has to elucidate for me (What is Calvinism? Would it be easier if he was dating someone who knew this stuff already? Soul Mates: 10 Steps To A Spiritual Relationship"No. It makes me accountable to it."So what I've learned is this: I don't necessarily have to share his faith to share in his faith. What I do with my thoughts on theology is my decision, my path, my journey, just as it was his. And while I don't know what I think about Jesus or the Bible just yet, what I do know is that I am in love with a man who is smart, full of courage, funny and, yes, faithful.

It seems stupid to continue only to get to a place six months or a year down the road where we find ourselves at fundamental odds over something we both knew was an issue from the start." You, Me And God: Interfaith Relationships TD paused. I'll take that into consideration." Then he kissed me, and I knew he wasn't going anywhere. As I found myself excitedly listing TD's exceptional boyfriend qualifications (smart, funny, kind, articulate, Ivy-educated) to friends and family, I simultaneously found myself explaining that he was "also Christian." I tacked this last part on as quickly and sheepishly as I would have had he accidentally killed his parents while playing with matches as a child. Finally, one night, he asked me to go to church with him. It's not important that we agree on everything all the time, but rather that we challenge each other, and that out of that challenge we both grow. Despite our different upbringings, I think we can make it.

"Probably more like a decade and a half."We were quiet for a long time, listening to the kids in the park behind us. It's meeting your God."He laughed a little and took my hand. I'm sure 'my God' will like you just fine."*****When we first met I wanted not to like him.

As the sun started to set, he nudged me with his elbow. We should go in if you want to catch the sermon."I let out a big sigh. I had recently entered the New York dating scene for the first time after the failure of a five-year relationship.

We discovered that each of us had entertained vocational flirtations with both ethnomusicology and horse dentistry (he was—and still remains—the only other person I've met outside a barn who knows that horses even have dentists). On my way to the subway after the date, I sent an excited text to my friend.

As the night wore on, my up-rightness began to wilt, my spine beginning to curve into the cushions behind me. "If I were tall, male and half-Korean, I would be TD! Could be both started believing and one stopped, or one didnt believe and one did before they got married. All we know is that one is a believer and one isn't.What happens when an agnostic falls in love with a Christian?We sat outside on a concrete partition, sharing a club soda and looking at the big brick church across the street from us."How long has it been since you've been inside one of those? I had to pause for a moment."More than a decade," I finally answered."So you mean you're a Christian as in 'practicing' or like 'my parents took me to church every Sunday when I was young'?