I was fortunate enough to be raised to love myself, but confidence is like a muscle; if you don't use it, it will deteriorate. I will admit there is a population of men who deliberately go after big girls believing that we are easy prey. There are just as many superficial jerks chasing after slim women.

On her blog, Plus-Size Princess, Ce Ce Olisa has detailed everything from what it's like to be the only big black girl in a yoga class (fine, thanks!

), to her adventures in plus-size dating in the Big Apple.

The first message was from someone we'll call Servant999, who sent me a long paragraph about how he wanted to be my love slave, whatever that means.

Then, he told me I was welcome to humiliate him and dominate him as much as I wanted. Then there was a message was from Taller Than Your Average1.

Of course, our profiles weren't identical, but within a week, my tall, thin, redheaded roommate was coming home late from dates with guys she met online, leaving me to finish our bottle of Moscato alone.

Seeing how the dating floodgates opened for my tall, thin, redheaded roommate made me very aware of my slow trickle of interested men.

I've been dating since I was 15 and I have barely been single since. In dating situations, guys may ask if I want something to eat. The rattle off a litany of sweet, sugary treats like a rude auctioneer, waiting for me to bid on something fattening.

The only reason I'm single now is because I haven't chosen anyone to be with. As a last ditch effort they go, "Are you SURE you don't want anything to eat?

I didn’t know it was possible to get so many messages in a day until she showed me her inbox.