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The salt dome consists of saliniferous rocks, in particular gypsum, clay and rock salt.

The 14C dating carried out on various strata in recent years has confirmed the previous dating and offers a detailed picture of the various phases of mining.

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Between the valley communities of Hamzehli, Mehrabad and Chehrabad, an alteration zone protruded from the plain.

One part of this zone consists of a salt diapir which is still tectonically active, the “Douzlakh” (Azeri for “place of salt”).

The joint aim was to review the findings, especially those from 2004 to 2005, by producing supplementary documentation and checking the stratigraphy and dating.

We also set up an excavation GIS and expanded the research with a survey and an extensive excavation.The Iranian archaeologist Abolfazl Aali recognized the importance of the site for cultural history, and campaigned for the suspension of commercial mining.The archaeological activities were continued in 2005, and made it possible to distinguish three phases of ancient mining: Achaemenid, Sassanid and Islamic.This course assumes that you have taken, or are currently taking, Calculus I.If you do not have the appropriate math background and skills at this level, you will not do well in this course, and may fail.The resulting nanoparticles had a diameter of 100 nm and a doxorubicin-loading efficiency of 75%, significantly higher doxorubicin release at 40°C compared with 37°C, and p H 5.8 compared with p H 7.4, demonstrating their temperature and p H sensitivity, respectively.