Issues dealt with include physical and sexual abuse, substance abuse, behavioural problems, legal advice and trafficking.

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If you think an abuser may check your phone bill, try to call from a friend's phone or a public phone.

This 24-hour national Web-based and telephone resource was created to help teens and young adults experiencing dating abuse, and is the only helpline in the country serving all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

- Not be controlling or manipulative in my relationship.

The National Dating Abuse Helpline is the direct service provider behind, operating the 24/7 text, phone, and live chat services.

National 24-hour helpline: 083 900 MY NA (083 900 69 62) Website: Sanca provides specialised and affordable prevention and treatment services for alcohol and other drug dependence.

Sanca - Johannesburg: 08611 REHAB (73422) or (011) 673-0400 or za Sanca - Western Cape: (021) 945 4080/1 or Substance Abuse Line Offers support, guidance and help for people addicted to drugs and alcohol as well as their families.

Featured on loveisrespect's website, is the Teen Dating Bill of Rights, a set of affirmations and pledges for teens reflecting the importance of awareness of dating abuse and the need for young people to take a stand and nurture healthy relationships. - Never hurt my boyfriend or girlfriend physically, verbally, or emotionally.

Teen Dating Bill of Rights I have the right: - To always be treated with respect. - Respect my girlfriend's or boyfriend's decisions concerning sex and affection.

The texting function of the Helpline allows for users to text the Helpline advocates 24 hours a day, seven days a week about anything ranging from questions about healthy dating to raising red flags about relationships.

The Helplineā€™s peer advocates serve thousands of teens and young adults through the 24/7 phone service.

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