The Google Adsense API works wonders for developers who share substantial content online via blogging and web publishing.

Google’s Ad Sense content publishers earn 68 percent revenue.

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Some keywords you can use are ‘make money online with Ad Sense’ and ‘make money with domain names’. Health: Sites that offer health advice and treatment for a particular condition are very popular.

Targeting this niche is a sure-fire way to make money from Ad Sense.

Matt Fuller is a successful Adsense publisher specializing in the niches of online dating sites and weight loss.

Matt also writes about a variety of topics including advice on dating sites Australia and free dating websites reviews.

It is better to have all your vital website-related accounts such as Google Analytics, Ad Sense, Ad Words and Feedburner in your primary Google account.

So I promptly moved all my feeds and analytics data to the primary account.

Possible keywords to target include ‘Disney cruises’, ‘travel lodge’ and ‘royal Caribbean cruise’. Dating or online dating sites: Many people are looking for love and/or advice regarding relationships so that means the dating or online dating niche is never going to become stale.

Dating or online dating sites where you can sign up and start meeting potential partners are top earners in the Ad Sense world.

The behemoth search engine, Google, makes 98 percent of its revenue from advertisement, while their free products like Gmail, You Tube, Google Maps, etc, only provide 4 percent.