Before doing these kinds of things, consider her personality and whether this is something she would be comfortable with. Start by giving her a clue to another location; in that location is another clue, and so on.

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If you could just throw out some ideas that would be great. Working with a limited budget, you might want to keep things close to the dinner and dance, after the event, perhaps you might find a few places to have a bit of air, relax, maybe have a snack, (plan to have a couple of cakes or sweets in the car to nibble on late), public gardens are nice or a beach, skinny dipping could work.

Just have fun, you will be exhausted and most likely wan to cuddle and flirt, focus on the women and make sure they are happy. Michael Author The American Gentleman A Contemporary Guide to Chivalry 1st Books Library will not find a thousand-and-one "rules of etiquette" or a guide to hedonism in this book.

Since you have experience in dating and what not I thought you could shed some light on possible things that I could do.

We plan on taking pictures, then dinner, and then of course the dance.

Reflecting this mentality, our economy, popular media and entertainment have reinforced ideas and personal behaviors that are less honorable and less civil.

Sadly, young American men are portrayed as boorish and seen by some as self-centered and cowardly, behaving poorly and treating women disrespectfully. Simply, being a gentleman allows for character evolution.

Together, all of the words should make a sentence asking her out.

You could also ask her out by just giving her the balloons and asking the question, or asking her on the card you give with the balloons.

Balloons are a colorful and festive way to ask a girl to homecoming.