In a sense there is a cycle to the job of an architect, and this cycle can be depressing.

The highs and lows of this cycle look something like this:1) They land a big client. They are estactic.2) Now they need to come up with ideas/designs to wow said client.

Meanwhile you are thinking, “That’s great, honey, but I just want a nice house to live in”. If your spouse has larger-than-life plans for your future home, then you are most definitely married to an architect. Architects LOVE incorporating glass and windows into their designs, and who can blame them—What’s better than a wall of windows that allow the natural light and views to take center stage within your home?

However, don’t set your sights on decorating this temple, as your spouse will not want any decorative accessories messing with their masterpiece. This is all fine and dandy until you are the one that has to clean all those glorious windows.

Extreme frustration occurs as they struggle to come up with the perfect design.3) Ah Ha! They are full of excitement and nervous anticipation.4) They pitch this perfect idea/design only to be told, No.

Rejection depression is in full swing.5) Back to the drawing board.

How many architects does it take to change a light bulb?

Well, we don’t have the silly response to that joke, but with one quick Google search you can find a lot of jokes about architecture and architects.

If you have a pet, or even a child, named after a world famous architect, then you are definitely married to one. After all, don’t we all name the people or pets that we love the most after our idols? Every detail has its day and every day revolves around a single detail.

Eventually, you will get the perfect temple that you were promised, but you will need patience.

They didn’t get through 5 years of architectural school by being lazy, indifferent and stupid. Ask them about how many people dropped out of their program freshman year – they’ll be all too proud to tell you that “they were one of the few” who made it out unscathed.”) They know just enough about every culturally relevant artist, philosopher, composer etc to make them seem exceptionally worldly and cultured – your parents should love them.