But if you place a frog in a pot of tepid water and start to boil the water very slowly, the frog would continue to stay in the pot of water until it boils to death.Now this may be a metaphor to prove a cautionary tale about change and our inability to see the signs.If you ever experience emotional abuse, you need to realize that you can ask for all the help from others, but unless you strengthen yourself from within, no one can ever help you change your life.

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It’s not easy to talk about it with others, especially when you believe it’s your own weakness that led to the abuse.

But you need to remember that it wasn’t your weakness, but your unconditional love for this person, that led to it.

But what do you do when you’re manipulated just a little bit every day?

What do you do if you just don’t realize you’re being tricked and duped into abuse with sweet words of love?

If the change is gradual, and you choose not to see the changes, you may never ever realize it.

And even if you’re being emotionally abused, you may never see the signs. There’s a point in the relationship where your partner does something that mentally disturbs you, and yet, you choose to overlook it because of the love you have for them.Your partner constantly compares you, either with your more prettier or successful friends, and tells you how much better than you they are. But when you try to argue back or prove that you’re right, they may even get down on their knees or humiliate themselves just to apologize to you and win your affection back. Sometimes, your partner may even hear about something on the television and yell at you because they’re pissed off! Your partner always has something negative to say about your friends, especially if they’re of the opposite sex.Your partner may even be subtle and point out to celebrities and tell you how they’re so much more attractive than you. Your partner hates it when you get phone calls from your friends and sometimes even asks you to hang up the phone.The easiest way to realize if you’re being abused by someone is if you feel weak and stressed around them.[Read: 10 types of toxic people who’ll make you feel weak and used] Emotional abuse can change your life forever A person would be able to understand the damage emotional abuse can cause to them only if they experience it.You would believe you’re being emotionally abused only if you convince yourself of that truth.