My body and mind always feel rejuvenated after an hour in her presence.

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Dear Sara: About a month ago, my boyfriend of two years broke up with me (I’m 30 and he is 31). I’ve been in several serious relationships, and this one seemed like a wonderful fit—loving, easy, drama-free.

He took most of the steps to advance the relationship in the […] Read more Because I write about dating and relationships, I’m always on the lookout for issues that affect both men and women.

It's easy to concentrate on the things that we perceive to be going wrong on a date, such as feeling nervous or conversation being a little stilted, and therefore think that the whole thing is a total disaster.

However, there are some visual cues that you can take from your date's body language that will give you a good idea about whether they're feeling a spark or not. Read article in full January is a bit of a grim month for all sorts of reasons: you weather is uniformly terrrible, spring seems a million miles away, the evenings are still dark, and no one has ever got any money having gone wild at Christmas.

Several months ago, I crossed paths [...]There are plenty of reasons we put up with unhappiness in our love lives.

After working with hundreds of women over the years and reflecting on my own single-life choices, I’ve identified the following reasons: Everything in your life has taken time to build and shape.I occasionally find myself “accidentally” listening to others’ conversations as I’m standing in line or eating at a restaurant, and I’m always asking friends to share their own dating experiences to see if there is an […] Read more Dear Sara: I just read your article about conquering the fear of rejection and continuing to put oneself out there.My question: How do I know whether my status is a stigma against putting myself ‘out there’? I am a widow, and almost every [time] I get […] Read more Some people say that New Year’s resolutions are silly or even meaningless, but those naysayers are probably people who have made them in the past and then broken them. It’s an exciting and nerve-racking time…two babies under 2 – yikes! I got shingles at six weeks, which was painful and itchy, lasting for about two weeks, and I've developed some awful varicose and spider veins running down both my legs...In a recent mindfulness class I attended, the instructor said the following: “80% of change is awareness.” In other words, if you want to make changes in any part of your life, the first, most important step is to have an awareness of what’s stopping you from creating that change. What happens when you lose appreciation for where you have been and where you are today?A partner's infidelity is a terrible thing to experience.