What I am really saying is that any woman, at any time, can decide that she is the one "carrying the ball" and therefore has the right and the responsibility to "run with it." A common error that women make in dating is to place themelves in a defensive position rather than an offensive position.In football or soccer, for example, the defensive team always exerts more energy to try to chase the ball down while the offensive team has the greater chance of making the goal, having already acquired the advantage.

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Furthermore, having become better at understanding the strategy of dating, you will have gained the skill to quite possibly accomplish your goal of finding love in the future. That doesn't happen in sports, nor should it happen in dating.

In other words, you are still a winner in the game of love! Just know that a good man will respect your parameters and values, while a non-committed man will not. Pretty much, they're almost always exactly the same. The question is---do they want you for a night, a season, or for a lifetime?

In other words, she has the responsibility to Frankly, the man can also do the very same whenever a woman disregards all rules of fair play.

“Well,” you may say, “I’m not going to play any games.” Many people assume that decision is commendable.

That assumption is way too magnanimous and frankly, very naïve. While some generous souls didn’t deserve what they got, there were plenty of others who simply walked right into a losing game. What they don't realize is that if they are dating, they're already in the game. Frankly, this "See no evil, Hear no evil" foolishness never serves anyone well.

Can you imagine any professional football or basketball player running around the field or court wearing blindfolds and flatly refusing to see what's going on around him? Sometimes you have to get your fingernails a little dirty and come down off of that Ivory tower where everything and everybody is supposedly fair and reasonable.Dating should never be a thing of chalking up points and "smashing" the opponent. In the final analysis, winning in the game of love means that two people have found hapiness together.The woman's responsibility is to determine whether or not the man she dates is willing to play the game with some integrity.We both want love, fidelity, great sex, and (usually) children, in due time.Men and women may have different ways of getting from A to Z, but that doesn't mean we don't have the same long-term vision.Around , after a cocktail or two, she texted him again, “We’re still here if you want to come by! If your last conversation was a call you returned, let him be the next one to call.