The Canada Glass Works, Hudson, Qué, 1864-72, and the Hamilton Glass Company, Hamilton, Ont, 1865-96, were "green" glasshouses.

Glassmaking involved a large investment in raw materials, equipment and salaries.

The smallest glasshouses employed 15-20 men producing glass from a 5-pot furnace; additional workers were needed to perform ancillary functions (eg, cutting firewood, unpacking raw materials, packing finished products).

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Thus, it is not surprising that the early period of glassmaking in Canada (1839-80) was one of changing partnerships and of firms going into and out of business.

Throughout the 19th century imported glass set the fashion and competitive standard.Bottles might be free blown but, more often, were mold blown, using iron molds.A general line of bottles, made after 1851 by the Como factory and the Foster Brothers Glass Works, St Jean (about 1855-58), would include aquamarine medicine bottles, soda or mineral water-bottles, whisky flasks, ale and wine bottles, square, tapered case bottles to fit travelling cases, and large demijohns for storing liquids, made in black (really a very dark green) glass.We’re not just here as a gateway to show you a load of profiles.We’re here to help you find someone you are highly compatible with.The 4 major companies operating between 18 made bottles, jars and lamp chimneys as staple products.