Nevertheless, the two of them are still very close.

Rito always considers Mikan as his one and only precious little sister, and has shown that the thought of losing her would be too much for him to bear.

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It's everywhere right now, and has even shot up to the top of Amazon's best selling book lists again.

David Harbour delivered a beautiful and impassioned speech about the… He might’ve brushed that Doritos dust off his chest before RT’ing in agreement. However, one thing’s for sure, if you were wondering about Trump administration’s ability to parse out real news from “fake news,” you have your answer: The White House press secretary aka one of the most important media guys in America thought The book '1984' has been trending again recently due to the political climate and because of accusations of 'fake news' and the usage of the term 'alternative facts', both which have eerie similarities to Orwell's dystopian novel.

If only the class balance Devs in Wo W listened to the community like the Devs in Overwatch. (Celestalon) is it too much to ask the designers to post on class forums weekly to discuss whats going on in the team? Lich King subjugated valkyr and converted them to servants of the Scourge. I consider myself a top tier raider, however im not able to play at a high level because of the rng on top of rng legendary system.

I'm honestly really curious where this idea comes from. Just reading feedback takes time, let alone responding to it. (Muffinus) Hi,are Odyn's golden valkyrs made of Light since they use Light spells while the Lich King's dark valkyrs beings of Shadow? Could you confirm that the Odyn's golden valkyrs are made of Light as suggested ingame by their Light spells and all? Safe to say that they are affected in some way by it, as are all (most) living things (Alex_Afrasiabi) Upcoming Legendary Changes I have thoroughly enjoyed most aspects of legion.

(Celestalon) (As opposed to as individual developers through personal accounts) (Celestalon) I can just see how someone might think the OW team is more responsive. K3Pb2z Bf You are *sorely* mistaken if you don't think we spend at least 30min of our day reading feedback. (Celestalon) Problem is, there are 36 specs, each of which have vital feedback.

(Celestalon) ..spec-specific, resulting in it taking 36x as long to get to everyone. (Celestalon) Truly and honestly, something is not being communicated properly to the Devs via CM's. Du HQu Bggm I don't think anyone on either side disagrees that more communication is desired/needed. (Celestalon) As a developer myself I don't see how hard it is to take 30 mins of your time everyday to actually read…Some of the issues that you highlight are things that we are hoping to ameliorate with these changes.Please have patience with us as we roll out new quest/feature content on PTR next week and then move into rolling out the item/reward/systems changes.(Blue Tracker / Official Forums) ) Frost Mage - Brain Freeze The counter then is when you follow a frostbolt with an Ebonbolt.Right now the brain freeze proc happens quick enough to abort the cast.Most of whom are females who are in love with him, others, however have shown slight interest in him and it's unknown whether they have feelings for him too.