After all, it’s where most people spend more than half of our waking hours.READ: 10 Qualities Men Are Secretly Looking For in a Woman If you’re considering dating someone at work, the following guidelines can increase the odds of the experience being one you’ll enjoy rather than regret: Understand the policies of your company or organization. Others permit it with full disclosure to supervisors.Have you ever wished that someone else could go on blind dates for you and screen out the crazies? After all, if a coworker made the cut with HR you know they've been thoroughly vetted.

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Now, we're about to hit our second wedding anniversary.

We still work together -- helping create social games at Zynga -- and over the years have found that being coworkers not only strengthens our relationship but makes us better at our jobs.

If not, could you transfer to another department or location?

Would you feel the need to find a new job elsewhere? Even with the risks, it’s not uncommon for singles to form happy, lasting romantic relationships with a co-worker.

When you work with someone, you have a window into how they handle daily challenges.

From little hiccups to full-scale office pandemonium, you get a sense of whether someone is the calm in the storm or a part of the madness.

At work, your relationships develop over the course of months or years, the culmination of hundreds of interactions.

Who knows -- you could be walking to coffee every morning with your future spouse.

Ultimately, you have been hired to accomplish certain tasks for your company or organization.