These can all be signs that the girl is interested in you and she may be looking for a kiss soon – if not already.

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And if she is holding strong eye contact with you at the same time, then that signal becomes that much stronger.

Of course there is a much more obvious eye signal to look for as well – “bedroom eyes”.

This is especially true if her touch becomes more and more frequent, and if you notice she touches you far more than she touches anyone else.

If you want to see this sign of attraction you may have to break the touch barrier first.

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Did you know that according to the US Department of Education, children who are read to at least three times a week by a family member are almost twice as likely to score in the top 25% in reading as children who are read to less than 3 times a week?

Her eyes When people like and enjoy what they are seeing their eyes will get wider and their pupils will dilate.

So if you see her eyes are getting bigger and bigger as your interaction continues, it may very well mean she’s feeling more and more interested in and connected to you.

Just be sure to step-up in these situations and make a move.

If you wait for her to do something first, you’ll likely be waiting for a long time.

Also, if you notice she is comfortable standing close to you (so close that you are sharing the same personal space) when she doesn’t have to be that close (maybe the bar isn’t very crowded), then it’s a very strong sign she is interested and would welcome a kiss. And that’s a great sign because she wouldn’t be there if she didn’t enjoy the feeling of being close to you.