This never happens because empathy, emotional availability, compassion, loyalty and responsibility are things that can never be bribed, bought or instilled in anyone.

As little girls, we want to impress our fathers and we want them to think we are as amazing as we think they are.

dating daddy issues-52

For a while now, I’ve wanted to post a photo of my parents and title the blog post “A Photo of Everyone I’ve Ever Dated.” I’m not sure about that exact approach, but I’m definitely going to write a post about dating versions of our parents soon because it’s one of those things where once you make the connection, your life changes.

You stop negative patterns right in their tracks because you immediately know better.

You’re never going to wish that you kept putting yourself in the emotional line of fire.

You’re never going to regret getting off the f*cktard ferris wheel and you’re never going to regret you out of your dysfunction instead of keeping you immersed in the quicksand. (kind of funny that John Mayer wrote it but I love his music so whatev). Today was a rough day-but I’m managing and taking care of the little one.

Dad is the first man that we ever say “I love you” to and the man that we subconsciously compare every man to. With dads that are emotionally unavailable, the daughter convinces herself that if she does/is good enough, she’ll get Dad to stay/validate/love her, etc.

This then sets her up with a lifetime VIP pass for riding the f*cktard ferris wheel because it allows her to justify staying in relationsh*ts.

At a young age, my mother and I left my biological father and came back to her hometown to be close to family and friends.

Although I wasn’t with my father, we had brief phone conversations here and there over the years, filled with empty promises of meeting and having a relationship. My mother and I settled down, had a place to ourselves and spent the next few years just the two of us.

At 22, I need to break the cycle now if I’m ever going to have a good relationship with anyone.

Thanks again, X PMS, at its core, is about relationships – how to better your romantic relationships, friendships, family relationships, and how to better the most significant, exciting and necessary relationship that you will ever have (and that you will never be able to live without) – the one that you have with yourself.

If you’re wondering why you keep going after emotionally unavailable men, it’s because you’re chasing the familiar.