When stubbornness learns to yield, and when restlessness learns to calm down, true love can conquer the inherent Taurus and Sagittarius compatibility problems.The only question is: will the partnership last long enough for them both to figure this out?Sagittarius is attracted to Taurus too, although they don’t really understand why and would almost never admit that secretly they admire the Taurus partner’s common sense and stability!

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There will be no secrets in this relationship, which you might think would be a good thing – and it is.

The problem arises when there’s something which perhaps ought to be kept secret, but isn’t.

The elephant in the room, for Taurus and Sagittarius compatibility, is infidelity.

Having multiple partners is not always that big a deal for Sagittarius, and Taurus compatibility is built upon trust and faithfulness – are we seeing an issue here?

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That’s not to say that there isn’t an attraction here – there certainly is.

Taurus in particular is very taken with the Sagittarius devil-may-care demeanour… It’s all very exciting and stirring and dangerous and wonderful…and not at all what Taurus has in mind for the longer term.

It’s not that he or she will want to leave Taurus – far from it, the Adventurer fervently hopes the Lover will go along for the ride – but Sag does need his or her freedom and will want to take flight somewhere.