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One of my favourite stories is about the day I heard about a new course – computer science – from a friend who was in my math classes. ” “I just took a class that I think you would really like – computer science.” Based on that brief encounter, I decided to take the class. I decided that computing, as an administrator (ie: support for clients, managing the computer center), was my career goal. The other fringe benefit of taking computing science was that I met my husband in that class.

He said to me, “Have you chosen your electives yet for next year? He often says “We met in the Theatre (pause for effect) – Hebb Theatre.” I wasn’t looking for a partner at the time but we bonded over the time spent keypunching our assignments together up until midnight.

Maybe I’m biased, but I’ve such fond memories of studying in the now-departed portion, with its high windows, chancellors’ portraits, and ample resource materials.

Unlike the elevated noise levels of the study areas of Sedgewick Library, the Ridington Room was the quiet haunt of students seeking undisturbed study.

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When the exam was finished and the professor had collected the papers, he left them in a cardboard box outside his office because he was in a hurry to go somewhere. The cop wasn’t but we tell Alan that “fact.” Get his goat. We typed a letter to Alan, saying he had to present the letter at the traffic office on campus during one of Alan’s chemistry laboratory time slots. We typed the envelope, placed the stamp and then used some carbon paper and a pencil to “stencil the stamp.” Then we drove over to Alan’s house, snuck up the front steps and slipped it into the mail slot – on Saturday afternoon. Alan of course brings up the ticket and how he needs to have one of us attend with him to verify Alan is Alan. Didn’t know he could move that fast or in those directions. But fun, light hearted, loving of friends and learning. The graffiti said: “Time is merely a device to prevent everything from happening at once… Dean Walter Gage, who had already begun his lecture, stopped and asked me if I was lost. I was a young very straight and proper fellow from London, Ontario, a city where drugs and hippies were completely foreign, and I was thrown into the adventure of my life.