With some unlikely allies-including a vampire who would be really hot if he didn't want her dead-Colby must choose between saving just herself or helping all half-bloods like her. At least she’s just helping decipher some ancient texts and staying away from the rough stuff. Out of spite, she decides to get even with her father by going as picture-imperfect as possible: facial piercings, tattoos, even blue hair.

Protector Colby Blanchard may have saved all the half-blood vampires and set them up in a sorority house on campus, but that doesn't mean they are grateful or suited for communal living. That is, until a stranger named Hunter – with smoldering good looks and an impressive knowledge of ancient languages – offers his services to Piper. To her surprise, her revenge turns out to be a ticket to a life she hadn’t imagined when she’s consequently “discovered” in a mall and wins a three month modeling contract in New York City with one of the top modeling agencies in the world: Vamp, Inc.

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"People who write poisonous things about your work are using up precious moments of their life dwelling on yours. That that be a comfort to you." –Chuck Lorre In honor of hitting over 1 Million reads on Wattpad, I changed my profile picture to feature the title that is getting all the love, Braced to Bite. Spying in High Heels by New York Times and USA Today bestselling auth... Everywhere you turn you see e Book, Social Media, Smart Distribution, Self-Publishing, Digital Publishing, Blogging... Today I am poised to break 100k reads on Wattpad, where Braced to Bite is posted in it's entirety. Some random vamp gets his fangs into her, and suddenly everything’s differen...

I also uploaded the full version of Fangs for Freaks on Wattpad for the month of December as a thank you to fans who love the series. Oh, and today is the last day you can get the half blood vampire ebook box set for only $.99. For the first time ever you can now enjoy the Half-blood vampire series as a boxed set containing Braced to Bite, Fangs for Freaks, Dating for Demons and Vamp, Inc..

She gets the feeling that doesn’t mean just kicking her out of their clique.

Hottest date and a no-brainer for Homecoming Court. Now, instead of Homecoming Queen who rules the school, she’s a mongrel of the vampire community – and they’re giving her just one week to justify her existence, or they’ll “relieve her of her undead status”.

Some random vamp gets his fangs into her, and suddenly everything’s different. To make matters worse, she’s only a half-blood vampire, not a full one.

And she thought getting into college was going to be her biggest problem.

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With the clock ticking, Colby has to prove herself by finding the Rogue Vampire who tried to turn her.