Three layer w/b/w top and single layer back binding.

Mahogany neck block with beveled sides, but this soon changed to a mahogany neck block with square sides.

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Every day my inbox is full of great questions but unfortunately I cannot answer them all, although i'd love to ,below is a list of pdf files from the blue book of guitars and gibson that im sure will help some of you , and eliminate some questions ....

Initially, the Gibson J45 guitar differed only slightly from the discontinued J-35.

If you have any vintage gibson guitars that are posted on this site ,you are always welcome to post a review,comment or detailed features ,im sure other guitar players who visit us would love to know ...

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Note 1942 models have higher tuner position on the peghead, leaving less room for the banner logo.

This was changed in 1943, moving the tuner slightly closer to the nut, giving more room for the banner logo.Note the striped pickguard *occasionally* appears on J45 and LGx models during 1947, 19.a tortoise-shell teardrop pickguard which replaced the firestripe material, single bound top and back, multi-bound rosette, Adirondack 2-piece spruce top, early examples have a Mahogany neck but a Maple neck with a single mahogany stripe down the center (3 piece neck) is more common.9xx FONs to 2xxx FONs red spruce tops - often lightly built, usually lighter than the 7xxx H examples and sound warmer but not as powerful with beautiful harmonics.These guitars differ the most since the tops differ in thickness and quality.Internal contruction changes from the J-35 included top bracing strenghtened slightly with 1" set "X" brace behind the soundhole, tall and thin back braces, and most importantly, scalloped tall and thin top braces.