: I'd definitely enter again, no matter what the map pool is.Playing in this tournament made me go out of my comfort zone, as I had to play on combo-heavy maps that I haven’t really played all that much before.

dating go my kz-6

With this ability to submit demos, bots and edited videos it opens the channel up to a larger population beyond just the KZers themselves (server owners with bots and video editors such as @Gull.).

Please note submissions can also be Map Showcases or any other KZ related videos if wanted.

: I still get butterflies in my stomach a little bit when i think about it.

I didn't think I would get that far in the tournament, especially considering what happened in the first kz-cup, but it feels really good that I could beat some of the top players, even though the very best weren't playing.

The next tournament should be expected early/mid February. Well guys it’s almost the end of “KZ in 2016, LUL” but I’m sure you’ll figure out how to adapt to the New Year.

But with that I wanted to create an overview and highlight some important moments in KZ that happened during this past year.

The first thing that comes to my mind is the KZ Cup that had tremendous support within and outside of our little community.

It was truly the pinnacle of CSGO KZ to date and gave us some truly memorable moments.

You're gonna need lots of clicks to beat that.