Angelique is obsessed with fur and skin and has developed a formula for skin regeneration that allows her to harvest pelts from an animal many times.When she spots Granny's colorful pets, she becomes set on luring the cats into her home for her own devious purposes. It's over-the-top and funny, but touching in the way that it explores loneliness and humans’ tendencies to personify their animal companions. To add immersion, guests could find flyers for Lost Cat, a feline character played by Baldion.

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The whole thing began when performance artist and actress Jill Evyn and Colombian actress Paola Baldion decided to put on a show at a small festival thrown by a friend.

They dressed in onesies -- Pikachu and Totoro, if you were curious -- and put on a burlesque striptease that escalated into a fire dance performance.

The film, titled “Granny’s Birthday” is scheduled to premiere early this year.

The company employed cinematographer William Walsh, who has a background in filming music festivals and understands the challenges of translating a live experience to film; Granny is played by actor and director Jesselynn Desmond, who is familiar with the immersive world as a founder of Bijoulette, an interactive clown troupe, and an original member of vaudeville/cirque troupe Lucent Dossier.

For modern audiences, it's been turned myriad ways, from the grotesque to the humorous to the downright bizarre.

Furries, on the other hand, are people who appreciate the idea of animals with human qualities, similar to those found in cartoons.

She feeds her many cats, then takes them to the grocery store.

Hijinks ensue before Granny returns home and is surprised by her friends who want to take her out on the town to celebrate another year around the sun.

"From the moment we had the idea, we decided to start experimenting with capturing it, and we did several promo shoots," Evyn says.

"[For those], we picked a few themes and created a few storylines.

She also teaches immersive techniques at universities and to private students.