He's there for you, whether your dog passed away or you're watching the beginning sequence in 3. He will remember everything from your favorite place to get brunch to how you take your coffee. It's very possible that "We've been dating for two years and you never told me you're fluent in French?! He doesn't feel the need to dominate every conversation.

If you act shy in an unconscious manner, you will likely come across as awkward, but if you express your shyness consciously, if you downright play with your shyness, then you can turn it into an attractive personality trait that pulls your man into your orbit. Played properly, being shy can be the trump card that gets you the guy.

t a dinner party a few years ago, I realized I’d been set up.

Most men’s publications are full of advice on how guys can overcome shyness. “Introversion is only a flaw if it’s perceived to be. There’s also a mysterious quality about introverts that makes them very attractive and alluring.” You can say that again.

Shy people in this society could use a dose of self-acceptance and self-awareness,” says Dr. Since my lovely months-long affair with the shy guy ended amicably, I’ve heard from several friends who say they love shy men.

Because even if you manage to get yourself asked out on all the dates you can handle, you still need to overcome your shyness if you want to actually turn those dates into something more.

To help you out, here are a few first date tips shy gay men can use to build confidence when and where it counts. Because he expresses himself more through actions than words. Intimidating Christian Grey-types are only hot up to a point. He's obsessed with surprising you in sweet, adorable ways.Being a shy guy makes dating difficult, to say the least.As a shy guy, you likely experience your share of problems with going out there and meeting other men, and you probably feel even greater stress when it comes time to actually ask those men out on a date.The fact that he fumbled his words adorably when saying he’d like to see me again was almost more pleasing than someone handing me a bouquet of roses.