She was actually an attractive woman besides the bad teeth thing. Was she missing her front teeth or had a gap in between like David Letterman or Madonna? I know a few who are not doing so well and are moving on to other types of work.

dating guy missing teeth-3

However, a huge gap would be a turnoff, as would buck teeth and decayed, discolored, crooked, missing teeth.

I just can't see myself kissing someone with a nasty-looking mouth.

If you regard the man with questionable teeth as being but half made, if you label me another Richard III from glancing into my mouth, I do not begrudge your prejudice; you do yourself a service, by not becoming another Anne Neville.

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We differ in conception of priorities and basic ethical judgments.

I take the reaction to missing teeth as litmus test for compatibility.Anyone who calls missing teeth a deal breaker has lost all standing in disparaging a youngs man dismissal of women who are too corpulent, too tall or too short, ill proportioned, double-chinned, lacking tone or lacking sufficiently nubile breasts or any other possible deviation from the ideal. A woman who construes such flaw as failure of character, has no business dating me.We differ by far more than belief in whats aesthetically pleasing.If the teeth are just kept really badly, or they have serious teeth/mouth diseases you can fooo-gehhttaa-booooowww-tit.Smokers turn me off big time, and generally yellow teeth too.This is interesting, because bad teeth, is pretty much a major turn off for me. This is interesting, because bad teeth, is pretty much a major turn off for me.