Goethe-Guerilla members can participate in these workshops and projects conducted by the City Guerilla and eventually become a part of CG themselves.

The 22 GG pioneers realized numerous projects leaving a trace in Belgrade´s cultural life.

The virtual Museum of Yugoslavian Ships, speed-dating in German and puppets in forgotten placesin the city are just some examples of those actions.

The members of the second GG in Belgrade realized, among others, “Another perspective of the cityˮ, “Trashophonic orchestraˮ, and founded the first Open Library in Belgrade.

The guerillas from Pristina conducted the action “More places for allˮ.

Besides, members of such a group would help the institute to get a closer insight in needs and interests of young people in Belgrade.

That is why, in 2010, the first generation of GG was founded in Belgrade.

In the past five consecutive years, five generations of Goethe-Guerilla members have managed to leave a significant trace in the cultural life of Belgrade and Savamala through their creative research and many socially engaged projects and actions.

They have established a valuable network of communication and cooperation with various young and talented individuals and groups, as well as with the residents of Savamala, which has been the main contemplative frame of their work in the past three years.

The invisible level is a process that takes place during the year within the group itself, whereas the visible represents results in terms of completed projects arising from the dynamics of an internal process.