With our thorough process, we will handpick only the individuals whom we think could be your potential life partner, based on your qualities and preference.

If you’re a single in Minneapolis, and you’re busy with no time for pointless dates, let us help you.

In addition, Cupid’s Cronies works tirelessly to network and recruit high-quality individuals who you can’t just find online.

But by acting as your personal “Love Scout”, we eliminate the numbers game for you.

Especially in the wonderful urban city of Minneapolis!

Here are 5 helpful dating tips for you Minneapolitan’s out there: 1) Keep it Simple- Get a Drink There is an abundance of local bars to choose from in the city to pick up that ideal partner you desire or to take your special someone for a night out. Try out Isles Buns and Coffee for a latte and one of their amazing desert choices sure to sweeten your day.

They will get to know you, discover your preference in a partner, and use this information to help you find someone who shares your interest and outlook, and many other things in life.

We recognize our clients’ desire for one-on-one attention and something more than just dates. Our focus is not only to help busy and successful professionals meet, but also to attract, connect, and attain the relationship they desire.

Loring Park and Lake of the Isles are both beautiful places right in Minneapolis to explore and get some fresh air.

Your target locations should be somewhat populated and constantly lively and animated.... Apart from having to explain the internet to your grandparents, dating is one of the hardest social tasks out there.

There is Eat My Words, Open Book, and, if you are a single parent looking for outings with your kids, try Wild Rumpus, which has live animals that you can interact with. Many women are very in tune with nature, and they enjoy being in scenic areas.