During this period, internal politics remained unaffected by the revolutionary upheavals of the sort experienced in other European countries.As a result of the change in voting rights and administrative structures, a wider public was able to exercise political influence.Often made by hand and carefully placed on each branch.

dating in the victorian times-77

** And last but not least, although usually attributed to the USA, Santa Claus also comes from Victorian England.

He went by the name of “Father Christmas” and brought the children their gifts on Christmas Eve.

In all her decisions, even political ones, Victoria was heavily influenced by the Prince Consort.

Albert preferred living in the country to the capital, for which reason the couple made Windsor Castle their home soon after their wedding.

The four candles and the evergreen wreath symbolise belief, good fortune, love and peace.

Lighting the candles is supposed to show that the birth of Christ brings light into the world.

On 10 February 1840, Victoria married Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, her maternal cousin.

The marriage lasted almost 22 years and was regarded as very happy.

The magnificent exhibition, The Victorian age describes the period of British history from1837 to 1901 during the rule of Queen Victoria.

During her reign, Britain rose to become a leading world and economic power.

Prince Albert is to thank for making the decorated Victorian Christmas tree popular in Great Britain.