“It used to be a taboo to use a dating agency, but now it is like a status statement.

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Knock Marriage Introductions was established in 1968 with the aim of helping people meet suitable marriage partners.

As this is a branch of Catholic Action, it is presumed that all applicants are free to marry and seeking a Catholic marriage.

He’d been close a couple of times, but it hadn’t worked out.

And now, as he saw it, “I don’t want to be getting nearer 50 and still not settled down.” And with that in mind he agreed to meet Rachel for coffee.

And with one million more people living alone than they did in 1996, Mac Lynn believes the love business is set to expand.

From a background in occupational psychology, she launched Vida Consultancy two years ago after seeing matchmaking grow in the States.No addresses are divulged by this Office to either person concerned in an introduction and all correspondence is forwarded by post in plain sealed envelopes.A person applying will be sent a brochure, a covering letter and two questionnaires A and B requesting particulars of oneself.Most internet-dating sites rely on a questionnaire that asks such things as race, religion, sense of humour, musical taste, desired age range and body type.The data is fed into the computer, which finds matches based on your stated preferences.“They can, within reason, ring me any time they want,” she explains.