How to do it: Dating Karma Rule #2: Be really, really honest San Mateo-based couples counselor Susan Strong says that good dating karma is all about telling the truth — to yourself and others.

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Or whether it’s all that bad to bash your ex — or secretly date more than one person?

Let’s take a closer look, and begin by considering what’s on your dating conscience.

“And if that relationship doesn’t work out, you leave with your integrity and clean karma.

You have nothing to regret.” How to do it: Dating Karma Rule #3: Put your past where it belongs An unforgiving heart is the number one blockage to true love. Yet you only keep the pain alive if you harbor grudges or cling to bad memories.

Realize you’re connecting physically for the first time in what feels like months.

As your lover lifts you onto the bed, inform him that you’re going through a totally normal monthly biological process.Even if no one else knows the truth, you do — and so does your karma.Karma is a spiritual principle that is like Newton’s 3rd Law of Physics: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Remind her that you live in a 475-square-foot studio apartment and there’s literally nowhere new to go. When the two of you are alone in bed, cuddle up and do nothing but watch Netflix. Nod as she sighs and says that the kitchen has become “too predictable” and doesn’t have the same spontaneity as it used to. When she laughs and writes Chris off as a creep, joke about how weird it would be if you two tried it!