But talking about personal financial situations is off limits until an exclusive relationship is established," says Carol Brody Fleet, author of (New Horizon Press, 2009).4. If you just met and you're already talking marriage, you're moving too fast.

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For example, the previous question would not be loaded if it was asked during a trial in which the defendant has already admitted to beating his wife.

A common way out of this argument is not to answer the question (e.g.

Your eyes met across the room, or, your online dating profiles just "clicked." Whatever the circumstances, you saw potential, he asked you out, and now you're ready for that butterflies-in-your-tummy first date.

So what happens when you're both sitting across the table from one another and the conversation turns personal?

"Never ask him how many kids he wants on the first date. The connotation alone can be insulting to your date, even if you meant it in a nice way.

You might as well buy the minivan now and move to the big house in the suburbs yourself—he'll think you're only looking for a sperm donor," Wygant says.5. But Coach Steph says talks about looks are off-limits altogether.

with a simple 'yes' or 'no'), but to challenge the assumption behind the question. N.) fell into a trap of answering a loaded question (and later regretted not challenging it instead) on 60 Minutes on .

To use an earlier example, a good response to the question "Have you stopped beating your wife? This removes the ambiguity of the expected response, therefore nullifying the tactic. Lesley Stahl asked, regarding the effects of UN sanctions against Iraq, "We have heard that a half million children have died.

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The traditional example is the question "Have you stopped beating your wife?