For some folks, the major cons of starting a long distance relationship online are pretty obvious. Let us discuss some of the major pros and cons of them. It plays out like this scene from David Sedaris: “‘Are you still there? Don’t hang up.’ ‘I won’t.'” There are afternoons when I’d give anything to fall asleep on Andrew’s warm shoulder while he reads off “Today I Learned” headlines.

We count down the days one at a time, smiling just imagining holding the love of our life once again.

What many of us don’t think about is how hard it can be visiting our lovers with the daunting knowledge that soon, we have to leave them again.

Did you ever read this New York Times article about a Vermont couple who lived in two different houses, joined by a bridge? The hardest part of long-distance dating actually comes right after Andrew visits. Everyday routines seem extra quiet and running errands feels somber.

I find myself relishing the sad love songs wailing from the drugstore speakers. ” I wonder as I mouth the words to a Muzak version of “Unchained Melody.” But days pass and I rally.

My list included everything from overheard subway conversations to restaurants we should try when we are together.

The first time he visited, I read my notes to him over dinner and he recalled similar moments he had experienced. Our solitary experiences had a second life together.

I’ve been dating my boyfriend Andrew for five years — but, for the past 10 months, we’ve lived 1,200 miles apart.

I moved to New York while he stayed in Missouri running his business, both of us pursuing the career opportunities we had spent years talking about.

I buy myself a slice of NYC dollar pizza and take in the skyline in front of me, remembering why I’m here.

To those of us in LDR’s, visiting the love of your life is something we look forward to with total excitement.

Since then, we’ve made a point to talk about random occurrences as much as anything else.