She also enjoys playing the piano together with her family.

Chiara is currently working towards her Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Italian from the University of Massachusetts.

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The more transformed by God’s love we are, the more loving we will become to others. Pray to God on this Divine Mercy Sunday like you never have before.

It will transform our earthly relationships (family, dating, and especially our marriages) for the better. An awareness of God’s love really does bring our earthly relationships to a whole new level. Now is the time for healing and new life—a springtime of new faith! Pray for forgiveness, healing, and to have a deeper connection with God. If you follow God with all your heart, you won’t be disappointed.

Many people grow up believing God is angry, temperamental, and emotionally distant, and that He only loves you when you are good.

Other people “hope” they are loved by God, but feel unworthy of His love.

One message that really struck me is the fact that too many people have viewed God through the eyes of guilt and fear.

The reason many Catholics are missing joy and peace in their lives is because they don’t know God’s immense love for them.

He has spoken to adults and teens for the last 15 on a wide variety of topics ranging from faith formation and apologetics, to spirituality, true love, and relationships.

Vandana received an MBA with specialization in Human Resources and a BS in Environmental Science from St.

Evelia has teaching experience ranging from infants to teenagers, primarily with two to four year olds.

She has worked with children with physical challenges and learning differences and enjoys helping our toddler children to learn and explore their environment.

When not at school, Chiara enjoys exploring what mystery and beauty nature holds by spending time outdoors and camping with her two school-aged children.