I could have made love to her last night if I would have chosen to. All three of these woman I attracted using the material in your Men’s Mastery series by becoming the most powerful version of my self which is a amazing person.

I ended the night with a woman I could have made love to, fu**ed or had sex with if I would not have stopped it.” Jon B. I’m sure some of you have Dads who are like mine was, but in case you don’t, let me give you a quick picture of what he was like.

Dear Friend, I remember them like it was yesterday. My Dad was the guy who was never great with girls, but he always hired the kind of secretary on whom had a crush.

So to cap off this email, I just wanted to say THANK YOU David for all your work that you do and I hope to meet you in person one day.” Hope you’re having a great day and I’ll chat with you soon, Michael S.

“Thanks for your Men’s Mastery Dating Series, David I used your material to observe what is happening in the moment, comment on it and then listen to her response to know what to say next to her.

I know people are well-intentioned, but this is the kind of not-so-helpful kind of advice most of us are armed with as we try to figure out the high school and college game.

I remember arriving on the first day of high school thinking, "I’m in high school now.Now I just have fun every single day and am far more open to all opportunities.I feel confident in every social situation and only meet women in places that I enjoy the most.“It’s a little difficult for me to write this email because I’m having trouble trying to put into words what your "Mens Mastery Series" have done for my life.Before I found your work, meeting women seemed to be the scariest thing in the entire world.The amount of confidence I am gaining from doing this is amazing.