The sequel Mad Max 2 was his first hit in America (released as The Road Warrior).In 1982 Gibson again attracted critical acclaim in Peter Weir's romantic thriller The Year of Living Dangerously.He received further critical notice for his directorial work of the 2006 action-adventure film Apocalypto, which is set in Mesoamerica during the early 16th century.

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One of Gibson's younger brothers, Donal, is also an actor.

Gibson's first name is derived from Saint Mel, fifth-century Irish saint, and founder of Gibson's mother's native diocese, Ardagh, while his second name, Colmcille, Gibson's father was awarded US$145,000 in a work-related-injury lawsuit against the New York Central Railroad on February 14, 1968, and soon afterwards relocated his family to West Pymble, Sydney, Australia. The move to his grandmother's native Australia was for economic reasons, and his father's expectation that the Australian Defence Forces would reject his eldest son for the draft during the Vietnam War. I can't define "star quality," but whatever it is, Mr.

In 1995, Gibson produced, directed, and starred in the epic historical drama film Braveheart, for which he won the Golden Globe and Academy Award for Best Director, along with the Academy Award for Best Picture.

In 2004, he directed and produced the financially successful and controversial, biblical drama film The Passion of the Christ.

Gibson's theatrical credits include the character Estragon (opposite Geoffrey Rush) in Waiting for Godot, and the role of Biff Loman in a 1982 production of Death of a Salesman in Sydney. Shortly after making the film he did a season with the South Australian Theatre Company.

Gibson's most recent theatrical performance, opposite Sissy Spacek, was the 1993 production of Love Letters by A. During this period he shared a a week apartment in Adelaide with his future wife Robyn."I made many new friends including Mel Gibson, with whom I share merely a friendly acquaintance." Over the past month, Gibson, 55, and Mouzi had been seen and photographed together all around L. - at the Sky Bar on Sunset Strip as well as Gibson's home for a barbeque - leading some to believe the two were an item.But it looks like the seemingly unwarranted spotlight was too much for Mouzi."It has been difficult to be the subject of false rumors, which have also been hurtful to my friends and family," she continued.Gibson gained very favorable notices from film critics when he first entered the cinematic scene, as well as comparisons to several classic movie stars. Gibson has it." Later, Gibson expanded into a variety of acting projects including human dramas such as Hamlet, and comedic roles such as those in Maverick and What Women Want.He expanded beyond acting into directing and producing, with: The Man Without a Face, in 1993; Braveheart, in 1995; The Passion of the Christ, in 2004; and Apocalypto, in 2006."I am a dancer, performance artist and a photographer – that is the extent of my professional life.""They're 100 percent just friends," Gibson's annonymous pal told the magazine.