he debate, not officially resolved in India at least, originates from the story of Indiana University (USA) student Jared Fogle.

Fogle, who once weighed a monstrous 435 pounds, credits a strict Subway diet for helping him shed his enormous bulk. Migrants belonging to north India work as Dobhies (laundry workers), newspaper vendors, milk suppliers and carpenters.

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Dating mumbai girls video

Apart from the rebellious streak, girls in Mumbai today have more or less become the trendsetters of fashion and style.

With a generous dose of confidence and grit, Mumbai girls irrespective of the social strata they belong to revel in their freedom of choice be it in their sense of dressing, a career option or a dating partner..." Back at the end of 2005 mum_sakahi wrote on her blog: "Yesterday night I went out with a girl friend of mine to one of my favourite hangout pub in Bandra.

welcome to mumbai // india's party town WHATEVER ITS CHASTE PAST, MUMBAI IS NOW A PARTY TOWN. Personally, I didn't see any bikinis when I walked along Juhu Beach when I visited there in 2005.

As one reader on Sepia Mutiny remarked: "I live in the UK and just got back from a stag-do in Mumbai and I have to say that it really is one hell of a place to party. I did, however, happen to pass a couple of attractive young women wearing denim.

Even on a Thursday night the place was filled with a decent number of people, mostly office crowd.

Now you would be thinking whats so darn great about this, I mean this is a scenario in most metro cities.Mumbai 77 says: "India is also famous for the beautiful womens all over the world, especially you will find lots of miss india, miss universe are from bollywood of mumbai.Mumbai girls are well aware of career, sex, responsibilities, hard work, parenting, friendship & dating.They waved at me as I passed, hounded by a posse of suntan lotion and shell salesmen.There were a lot of males with their shirts off but they were playing cricket.Days have gone when there were shy indian girls, But still in this fastest growing mumbai, culture is always respected by major mumbai womens..." 2...