"My daughter claims it embarrasses her to come downstairs and find me attempting to get her date to recite these eight simple rules from memory.

dating my daughter rule 1-31

The other thing about the viral image is that the dad is buff.

He’s subtly letting everyone know where the gun show is, if you know what I mean.

I kind of like it, too, although I should get my quibbles out of the way first.

The shirt suggests that we’re talking not about an adult woman but an underage daughter.

And, for the record, I did NOT suggest to a previous suitor that I would have these rules tattooed on his arm if he couldn't remember them.

I've priced tattooing, and it is waaaaay too expensive.

And while I know we all thought we knew everything when we were 15, we in fact knew nothing at all whatsoever oh my goodness wasn’t it embarrassing we were so foolish I’m so glad we survived how did we survive.

So the idea that parents wouldn’t have dating rules during the parenting process is mostly just an abdication of parenting as opposed to some kind of feminist empowerment thing.

But not the worst thing to go viral in recent months.