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I was told the below: 1) The parent will choose the spouse for their daughters/sons with qualities like: 2) The bride and bridegroom normally never set eyes on each other before their wedding day.

3) The bride and bridegroom are having sex for the first time during the wedding night.

We met as undergraduate students in a rural college in upstate New York and have been together ever since.

In July of 2011 we finally “tied the knot.” The past seven years have been a growing experience…

After understanding you, an experienced tour expert will then be assigned to you to plan and design a program.

She/he will individually counsel you and create a customize program that will best fit your requirements.

This is certainly our goal and the one we strive for to make you deserve only the best memories to take back home.

Our happy customers will be so enamoured by the trip that they often go on to tell their friends and families and write on travel advisory to share their incredible memories.

Should you like to make further improvements or adjustments to the proposed program itinerary, you can do so till you are satisfied.