We've been meeting about once a week for close to 8 weeks now with a two week hiatus where I was seeing someone else who I found more socially stimulating.

dating nothing in common-35

..are the one analyzing this situation to death...however, respects that this is what it is for as long as it is..he's just going with it for now...

why lead him on and make the eventual separation harder?

But both the sexual AND the emotional were great or very good!

But IMO go out on dinner does not really qualify as a shared interest or is relevant to teh existence of intellectual connection or not.

So it's not as thought the potential for common ground isn't there.

I get the impression that he is intimidated by me and is somehow afraid of saying something stupid so he prefers to keep quiet.And it falls far short of the servanthood standard Christ modeled for us.You have good reason to be disappointed, frustrated, and upset. I think when you start a relationship based on sex, you bypass the 'getting to know you' stage so you don't even get to find out whether you're a good fit or not.I have been, alas, in many rels, even long ones, where the shared/common interests dimensio was poor. We've been married nine years, and I find myself wondering what it would be like if I were married to a woman who likes the same things I do. Make sure it's not something you know your mate would despise but something she could at least endure and perhaps even enjoy. Smart couples learn how to celebrate the similarities and leverage the differences in ways that say "I love you" and allow for discovery and new growth. But when he gets home, he immediately changes clothes and parks himself in front of the tv.