Allow to dry before inserting a needle into the vial.

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They should be entered once and then immediately discarded.

• Cleanse the access diaphragm of vials using friction and 70% alcohol.

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“Clinician adherence to safe injection practices, particularly when appropriately sized SDVs are unavailable, is important to prevent infection transmission.

If SDVs must be used for more than one patient, full adherence to U. Pharmacopeia standards is critical to minimize the risks of multipatient use.” They note that medications labeled as “single dose” or “single use” typically are preservative-free and should be dedicated for single-patient use to protect patients from infection risks.

The authorities that investigate outbreaks and inspect clinics, Toronto Public Health and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, respectively, do not make such outbreaks public, but when pressed by the Star’s Theresa Boyle, Toronto Public Health confirmed that 11 patients had been infected, and that tainted sedative injections were the “possible” cause in all cases — specifically the use of multi-dose vials, which are small glass or plastic drug bottles containing more than one dose of liquid medication or vaccine used in conjunction with needles and syringes.