He may also call his parent several times a week or visit them at least once a week.This may be odd at first, especially if you are like me and gained independence at an early age and only see your parents every 2 months and talk to them once every 2 weeks.If the parents of the guy you are dating disapproves of your relationship, it will make it very hard for you two to be together. We all know an only child, in any culture, is usually more spoiled. However, Chinese boys are very important because they will carry on the family name and they will usually take care of the parents when they grow older.

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I am pretty late on this one (like 11 months late, late!

), as it has been the case for ALL of my posts lately, but I’ve been wanting to add my voice to the subject since the story came out.

However, no matter your tastes, they will always ensure you have something to eat.

Once they know your favourite dishes, they will ensure you get them when you visit!

As you may know from reading my blog, my first date with a Chinese guy went badly.

It was also a learning curve on my part with the next two relationships due to cultural differences.

As you may remember, Jocelyn over at Speaking of China has asked bloggers to write on what it is like to date Chinese men.

Because I’ve dated Chinese guys and, why yes, because I’m to one, here are my thoughts on the subject: First off, I am not the first to say it: Chinese men are just like any other men out there.

There are some guys who are confident, some who are shy, some who are nice, some who are sweet, some who are smart, some not so smart, some who are full of themselves, and some, well, you get the point.

Everyone has their own personalities; yours may match to guy #1 from Wuhan, China but not to guy #2 who is also from Wuhan, China.

Besides, Chinese food is so diverse, there will be at least one dish you will enjoy.