See full summary » Naïve teenager Cedric Williamson, conspires with two misfits to photograph and blackmail adulterous couples.

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I am a 21 year old male currently in a relationship. I like BDSM, anal play, and really all things sexual.

I am always looking at trying new things in the bedroom.

Which is another way of saying, this is a major box office flop - anyone who says otherwise is in dreamland. Why as a young director would you choose an obscure local novel, set decades ago as the basis of your first flick?

Surely he could have found something more relevant.

See full summary » The Tongan Ninja is sent by his master, to the island of New Zealand to help a floundering Chinese restaurant, but the mysterious Mister Big tries to stop the eatery's way by sending numerous villains.

A film crew are making a Reality TV show about a couple brought together by a dating agency.

Tortured by lust, roped into blackmail and possibly an accessory to murder, Cedric is in a predicament.

Saw this last night and it was a massive disappointment.

These more advanced predicaments utilize electricity. They do require more knowledge, more set up, but also have the added benefit of some very interesting and unique scenarios. This switch or metal piece, when pressed, completes a circuit.