Ron Eagar, adding that kids often feel as if they’re caught in a vise.

Not only do they have to contend with the direct pressure to “do it” from their date or steady boyfriend/girlfriend, there’s the peer pressure applied by friends who want to know (elbow jab, wink wink) “didja do it?

If everyone in your peer group has started to date, you may feel that you have to as well.

Peer pressure is always tough to deal with, especially when it comes to sex.

Some teenagers decide to have sexual relationships because their friends think sex is cool.

Others feel pressured by the person they are dating.

Still others find it easier to give in and have sex than to try to explain why not.

Though he wasn’t staggering around drunk or slurring his words, she should have registered this as a warning that trouble might lie ahead.

Then she could have decided not to take any chances and caught a ride home from the party with some other kids, thus avoiding the awkward situation in the car.

You should try and avoid dating until you are ready to do so.

Real friends will understand and should not try to put any undue pressure on you.

It's OK to want to enjoy your teen years and all the fun times that can be had.

It's OK to respect yourself enough to say, "No, I'm not ready to have sex." How to avoid peer or date pressure If you're worried about being pressured or your currently experiencing it, know that you are not alone and there is something you can do about it. Where to store it, how to open it, how to put it on correctly? Check out ASHA's animation to learn about how to use one correctly and read more about condoms on IWK.

It can be hard to watch these and still feel like you shouldn’t yet be dating, especially if all your friends have started dating because of the influence of these programs.